She was a stutter of colors
fireworks in the sky,  lost
without a compass.

Then it hit her,
deer in headlights,
his bad jokes and hearty laughter.

She looked at him
his crazy curls, eyes, nose, lips
his broad shoulders, strong hands

She took it all in, right then and there,
and cartwheeled deeper,
deeper in love with him.


your words like honey             chummy

half-truths, half-lies
can no one see your lightning? your thunder?

Scarlet drips from your lips           kinship?

Batshit        I laugh
you say
as you burn in the midnight sun.


Sometimes your eyes flash over
like lightning in the night sky
and you look at me
like I’m not the one you need

I wonder if it’s her
if I was gentler, if I was different
if I was her

would I be your missing piece?


The words have disappeared inside of me
by a surge of world
in a puff of white.
Scattered petals
twirl        twirl
in the gentle, dancing wind


honestly, it echoes          with the rustling leaves
just let me be


If God takes me away this year
I will remember the smiles
and the laughter

the seasons with the falling leaves
and your lips on mine
like sweet golden honey

I will think about the stars in your eyes
about the deepness in your voice
words you whispered as you held me tight

hold on to the glimmer of you
as I sink
until the day we meet again.


my body sighs, laying here in wait
for the taste of your love
your warmth that makes my soul flutter its wings.

Your lips curl up into a smile
Come here
I shudder as my heart
and the aching between my thighs
gets almost too much to bear.

Come here 


Hey      you said, turning
at the sight of your smile, your arms and your hazel green eyes

My world returned to life,           full color
blossoming ever evergreen.