You call out to me, pleading with your green orbs that I was once so enthralled by. You smile, confident that I’ll be okay. That it’ll be okay.

We play pretend like nothing ever happened, like so many times before.

It’s enough, stop it. Fxxk off

Suddenly, my name sounds like a rat in the sewers. Dirty and disgusting. I don’t know what I feel, what I should feel. Is it anger? It’s a murky river. Rain starts falling and I watch as it drenches everything–

There’s a roaring fire, magnificent as it shines red yellow orange

tears brim at the edges of my eyes and I watch it destroy you with its destructive lick
in my mind.



She caught my eye like a shimmer in the desert sands.

Sandy brown hair in waves and rosy, frostbitten cheeks.

Tattered blankets were wrapped loosely around her body like a shawl

and she smiled, shivering.

She had seen many things–bloodshed, robbery, violence

with those bright blue eyes,

clear and pure.