How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You in 36 Questions


Life in the Boomer Lane


Ever since junior high schools were invented, people have been wondering how to make other people fall in love with them. In this attempt, they have passed notes saying “I love you, and even though you are with Sarah, I think you are hot,” asked best friends to pass on the message verbally (“You’re with Sarah but she thinks you are hot,”) and “If I am with Sarah, why are you passing notes to me and saying you love me and asking people to tell me you love me, and do you want to get together?”  Most of these attempts at lasting relationship failed.

The advent of internet dating created a far more sophisticated version of junior high.  Now women could post Photo-shopped versions of themselves, and men could randomly choose a photo of themselves with an ex, cut her out so that only a shoulder an arm remained, and…

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