The salty winds brush through your bright golden locks.

You eyes are emeralds, sharp against your sun-kissed skin. Such otherworldly beauty pulls me forward, one step at a time. My breath hitches. A hint of a smile flutters across your cheeks.

Come, you beckon.

My heart wrenches in delight as it follows that sweet, heavenly voice all too willingly. You are enthroned upon an uneven rock, and a long white dress flows over your figure as I stare, open-mouthed;

Alas! Tis’ the mermaid of bard’s tale! 

Flirtatious laughter escapes your lips as you meet my gaze. I look away shyly, embarrassed by my mortality. Come, you beckon, and a loving kiss is placed upon the cool back of your hand. Your deep green eyes are the last thing

I remember as I sink into


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I enjoy penning my thoughts in words, and the strangest, most random things inspire me.

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